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The app

I love it and it’s very easy to use!

Great ap!

It definitely does its job!


I have had this app about 2 months and in the last two days the app has failed to do anything correct. Yesterday it would not up load any photos. Today it lost about 35% of my photo album. I don’t know what changed but I am not really happy with this app😡😡😡

Smart and anticipated user needs

Simply well programmed- it plays pics in custom slideshow mode, the slideshow music feature didn’t work for me, not a big deal, but the number one thing is that it plays videos in full screen (with audio). There’s three choices of avatar that you can choose in settings, and you can add multiple photos or video files at the same time unlike other comparable apps. I unlocked the no adds for $2.99. Totally worth it. App had never crashed on me. Kudos to this team.

Buggy app

It won’t let me transfer certain photos or videos would be a nice app otherwise

love it

I love the app but I woud like to be able to share from it

Only allows like 10 photos

Have to buy the pro even before you see if the app is worth it. Waste of time.

Deleted bin?

This app is great but is there anyway to get photos back you accidentally deleted?


It wants me to freaking upgrade it with money no way I’m doing that😡😡😡😡🤬

Get it

Great app. Highly recommended!

App steals your photos and videos..and doesn’t let you retrieve them again!

This app will literally lock away your photos and videos and crash anytime you attempt to download them back into your phone gallery. Essentially sequestering your content and preventing you from sharing, or unlocking them. They’re stuck inside the vault forever! Worst bug in history!! Emailed support twice about this issue, no response. Bad app, bad developer. Stay away if you lose all of your photos and videos forever....

Don’t use this app

Don’t use this app

Pretty good

This app is simple and lets you delete after importing

So Far So Good

I like the App, very useful!


Been using your paid app for sometime now and have always loved it. But the past couple months, it’s started crashing and won’t open. Rating was a 5 Star but not anymore. Please tell me you have a fix coming soon!



Not enough storage

Only allows a very small amount of pics to be saved for free. Then makes you purchase more storage

Won’t open

When I click on the Icon it just goes back to the IPhone Apple screen. I can’t even get to the page to enter my password

Crashes every time I try to open the app

This use to be a good app, now it crashes every time I try to open it. Please update soon

Can u update it or somethin

Every time I open it it auto crashes

App is crashing

After a long while of using this app it has been crashing for the last week , it just wont enter the app , as soon as i tap on it , it auto shuts on its own , please make a fix for it.

Pretty good

Don’t want all the ads tho

Won’t open

My app isn’t opening and I’m afraid of deleting it. I have too much to that I can’t delete.

Won’t load

App was working perfectly until the download. Now app tries to load and stops. I don’t want to delete app and lose my photos.

Was good now went bad

When I first downloaded this app I had no issues and everything worked well. Not sure if it was because of this new update but now the app won’t even open and I’ve lost all my pictures. Very disappointed.


There is a problem with the app. It won’t let me open it when I click on it! Plz help or fix this problem! Thank you

Not opening

App no longer opens. Is a fix scheduled?

Great app

But it’s does not work with my phone.

App crashin

HPS started crashing again and again afew days ago. I paid for this and now fear I have lost all my valued pics and videos I click to open onmy iphonex. Then immediately disappears an minimizes Then when Ibclick to enter password It crashes How can Get my picd

App won’t load for me

The app won’t load up for me at all, now I think I lost all my pictures. Bad app, not worth getting.

garbage app 😡

when the app updates star workin weird and then erase all my pictures 😤🤬


This app was great! But now I can’t even open it! So I’m a little disappointed!

What happened now!

What happened now ,I can’t even open up my app ,I understand changing the picture on the app but now I can’t even open it,what’s going on ,did I lose all my pictures again.


As of yesterday, the app has been crashing. I dont want to delete it because ill lose all my pics. I paid for the upgraded version as well. Once they fix my issue ill change my review back to a 5 star.

Doesn’t open

All of a sudden this app doesn’t work. It tries to open and immediately closes.

Everything ok... but...

It‘ an excellent app, but since yesterday I cannot open it. I cannot go to password screen. I push to open but the app just blink and return to begin. I don’t have the opportunity to write the password. I’m afraid to loose my info.


No work

App Crashed

Overall the app is really great. My app seems to have crashed though and no longer opens. How can i fix this issue. I dont wana loose what was saved on ther

Obvious Hide app

Great app overall but just the icon looks too obvious and more and everyone this days got calculators on their app. Will be good a Wallpaper icon or a small picture in a corner (bubble type) ideas like that. You welcome

All good, except one problem.

Good for photos, but when you import videos the audio is lost and you end up with silent videos.

The app changed and is asking for a password

It changed from a calculator to this and I never set up a password so I’m not sure what to do. Help?


Ap worked great as a calculator. Since update, it will not accept my number password, guess pics are locked or lost???


I use your old product with calculator face . I forgot how does it work ? How do I input my password?

Excellent for

Hidden photos I absolutely don’t want anyone else to see. I enjoy my collection of my significant Queen I’ll do anything to keep these photos out of View except for us. Thank You

Easy and convenient usage

I love the ability to automatically delete pics after you download them. Much easier to organize compared to another app I used.


Very good app

Am I lame for wanting this?

Well I was upset when this app took off the calculator portion because I actually used it. It was such a great app to hide photos and do some math calculations. So like can y’all add the calculator function back? Maybe just make it to where people can enable or disable it. That would be cool.

good app

but they should give more free space

App no longer works since update

There was an automatic update the other day that no longer allows me to access the app. The calculator is gone and it just asks for a password, but won’t accept anything I type in. This is very frustrating since I have paid for the full version. I also can’t access the app support option, so I decided to write from the review option instead. How do I access my stuff?


It works great at first, but then it lock you out and you can no long get to your photos.

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