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The app changed and is asking for a password

It changed from a calculator to this and I never set up a password so I’m not sure what to do. Help?


Ap worked great as a calculator. Since update, it will not accept my number password, guess pics are locked or lost???


I use your old product with calculator face . I forgot how does it work ? How do I input my password?

Excellent for

Hidden photos I absolutely don’t want anyone else to see. I enjoy my collection of my significant Queen I’ll do anything to keep these photos out of View except for us. Thank You

Easy and convenient usage

I love the ability to automatically delete pics after you download them. Much easier to organize compared to another app I used.


Very good app

Am I lame for wanting this?

Well I was upset when this app took off the calculator portion because I actually used it. It was such a great app to hide photos and do some math calculations. So like can y’all add the calculator function back? Maybe just make it to where people can enable or disable it. That would be cool.

good app

but they should give more free space

App no longer works since update

There was an automatic update the other day that no longer allows me to access the app. The calculator is gone and it just asks for a password, but won’t accept anything I type in. This is very frustrating since I have paid for the full version. I also can’t access the app support option, so I decided to write from the review option instead. How do I access my stuff?


It works great at first, but then it lock you out and you can no long get to your photos.


i likeit

Password reset

I paid for the this app and was wondering if you can put an update with email access for resetting password. Need a password reset. Touch ID disabled now I can’t get in without password. Help.


Worthless app after the changes. Would rate no stars if I could. Did the paid version and contacted for my money back with no response. When you open the app it flashes the thumbnails of your albums before the password page now. Which defeats the purpose of and app meant to secure them, doesn’t it?

What’s the point now????

Bic boi if the calculator icon isn’t present anymore, there is no point in downloading. Developers please refer me to a downgrade. Much appreciated.

Does the trick

I liked the old calculator part though that was boss

What happened to my original password.

How would I enter a password when I never created one for this app. You guys just change it.


Since it changed my password is no longer working can you help me?

Good but... the new update has a problem

Whenever it asks for a Touch ID and I cancel it to enter the password manually, it will show what's inside as if I unlocked it for a second before showing the interface of putting in the password. Please fix!!!

Works, but calculator is quirky

UPDATE: The calculator icon changed to an umbrella and the caption under it says “Hide Photos.” Not very discreet, and done without user interaction. I’ll be deleting it forthwith. Vault function works well & it’s free. Calculator leaves a little to be desired. For example, if you add 2+2=4, then hit + again, it adds another 2. Then if you hit + again, it waits for the next number entry. Same with the other math functions, so as a calculator, it fails. Also wish it just said calculator and not a HiCalculator under the icon - dead giveaway that something is special about the app.

Lost everything

So every single pic I had stored on this app is gone because since they updated it won’t recognize my password. Thanks dicks.


The previous logo, app name, method was more than perfect!!! The best it was! Nobody couldn’t ever guess that it’s a hidden photo vault! But why???? 😔😔😔😔😔😔 totally disappointed. Uninstalling it right away

Terrible Photo Organizer

I HATE the changes made to what was an excellent faux calculator/ photo storage app. This version is horrible, takes away the security of the calculator and replaces it with a regular dumb app that can be opened any time it's requested. There isn't even a false password anymore so it's pointless to use a file of less personal pictures. I HATE this app now and I will recommend to All People I know on Facebook, twitter, instagram, Spotify, etc. NEVER to get this!!!!

Bad update

I loved the app. I did the upgrade and now my password doesn’t work. Lost all my pics I guess. What a bummer.

Why your change the calculator to umbrella.

No good change!!

Stupid changes

Let’s just now call a photo hiding app A PHOTO HIRING APP right on the icon. So stupid. Vault, safe, extra space? Anything is better than that.

Password access

So love the app had photos of all my credit card info in place you Switch it over to an icon which I have no issue with. The issue I do have is when I enter my numeric character password the new icon format does not recognize it. In addition there is no way to reset the password.

Name change

I don’t mind that the icon changed from a calculator to an umbrella. What bothers me is the name change of this app. You could have made it say something that references rain or weather that would throw unsuspecting viewers from looking inside

You changed the app for no reason, and for worse!

I liked it better when it was disguised as a calculator.. you get the other 4 stars back when you change it back!

Why The Name Change?

Loving the App for a long time. But, the new name makes it lose all its purpose. Go back to iCalculator or something conspicuos, please!


It’s okay, does what it claims with no iOS hitches or glitches. Does give itself away by the name of the app though. Works surprisingly well since Apple can’t play well with others. I’ll go from 3 to 4 just because of that.

Use less app now

I gave 1 Star simply because why they change the calculator to an umbrella that say HIDE Photos on the app SMMFH

Locked out

Still waiting for you to unlock my app. WELL IM WAITING!!!!!

Not what I paid for

I want a refund, I did not pay for this... please refund me ASAP

Your update messed it all up

Ugh since you updated it I can’t even access it with my password. I had photos and other things in that app Now I’m screwed out of the photos and so forth Change it back please


What the hell?! I’ve had this app for years and loved it. Then updated today, it’s now obvious as could be and my password is no longer valid so I lost ALL MY DATA! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Momentary display of albums before entering password not good

I realize policy required change but program momentarily sho s the hidden directories which is alarming i use it for private document and if someone runs the app they can see the directory titles for a second before password screen

Where’s my calculator app?

I used this app mainly to do quick simple calculations, and it had the dual ability too store photos. Now I don’t have my calculator anymore! Apple always has to mess things up! What’s wrong with storing a few secret pics from your parents? @#%*€!!!


Maybe the name needs to be changed so that it doesn’t say hide photos. I loved the app before since it was a calculator. Can you update the name so it’s not obvious?


Ever since the update I can’t get in because they changed the password thing 😡😡

Love the App

Love the idea, but the point is to hide. So the APP is called “Hide Photos”? That would be the first thing to catch someone’s attention. Please change it .

Worst title ever!

You guys changed the name to “hide photos”. Wow.


For starters, the name is not discrete, unlike some other apps, which disguise their true purpose with a facade function. Photo icons flash on the screen when App initializes and linger long enough for a snoop to snag a screen shot. We all have private lives, and this app is near useless at keeping private lives private.

Calculator app

This used to be hidden by a calculator and now it says hide photos? If that’s not obvious then why even use the app?


Used to be 5 stars, now 1 due to the fact that it’s now called “ hide photos”. Lol. What’s the point. It’s no longer secret.

Update is the worst

The whole point is to be inconspicuous, now the app is called “HIDE PHOTOS” and you can’t change it!! What happened to the calculator??? Useless.

This Update Makes No Sense

I am completely baffled by yesterday’s update for this app. I have loved this app and the privacy it allowed. The “HiCalculator” disguise enabled me to store pictures on my phone without having to worry about who would see them if my phone were stolen or my privacy compromised. To change the name to “Hide Photos”?!? You not only took away the main selling point of your app—anonymity, but you made the title a beacon to help other ppl find their way to our private photos.

Good app , Change icon back !!!

Good app , hate the icon change. Will be looking for a new app if this is not resolved.

New upgrade

Need help have no clue how to use this new upgrade!!! Downloaded it now cannot get into anything

What’s up with the app/name change!

So much for being discreet! I wish I could get a refund!! Dummies!

Like it

Go back to calculator

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