HiCalculator Hide Private Photo.s & Video.s - Password Lock Picture Album Vault & Keep Personal Privacy App Reviews

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Great app

It’s really good

Name Change and Bug Fixes

Outside of the fact you can briefly see pictures when you initially open the app and the name of it which completely takes away from the anonymity that we want.

Sweeet dude

Awesome app bruh but to many ads other than ads I haven’t had a problem it great


Zor ekan manga yoqdi o'zbekistondan


It’s ok.


Great way to hide those sexy photo's and video's of you wife so they are only seen by you. Careful though if you uninstall the app you may loose everything. Good upgrade possibility: back up.

Great app

The only negative thing I have to say about it is that there is no help when we need it. I paid to upgrade mine and I can not find where to ask for help. I haven’t used it in a while and cannot remember the password. I don’t know how to reset it.

Works Great for me

It does everything I wanted and that's what's great about it.

Would have been 5 star but....

It NEVER stops asking you to rate the app!!! So I did it, now that (hopefully) it will stop asking me to rate it I can get back to my 5 star app😉


You can’t even put 30 photos in the calculator without having to pay $3.00 just to be able to put 21+ photos on. Everything else is good, but 20? Just 20 photos is the best you could do?

Pretty good

I was a little bummed to see you couldn’t store many pictures before it asks for money, but the app developers gotta make money somehow and it’s only 2.99 for unlimited pictures and no ads so a little pocket change was worth it for me at least. I really like the decoy password thing, that’s a real nice touch that adds some extra security. I do agree however, that the name could be a little more low key and adding a note feature would be nice, maybe updating it to look like the new calculator app would help too, but this does what it says it does and that’s good enough for me

Not great at saving

I've tried saving photos n the app checks them but refuses to down load pictures into the app it only did 20 and that was it after that it would not download pictures so disappointed. Maybe if the fix what's going on the app would be so much better n clever. Unfortunately in order to get more photos saved it needs to upgrade in purchase smh


Loved it


I wish it was free



Nice and comfy so far.

I have a habit of keeping my pictures in a terrible mass of confusion, and then all crammed into one or two folders. So I'm often showing people my porn instead of a baby, because I have them all mixed up hopelessly. This app works wonders.


Not too bad does what it’s supposed to this rate thing popped up every time I clicked on to it so yeah here I am in hope that it’ll go away for good

Working good so far

I just got this today 1-29-18 . So far I’m liking it a lot , I just upgraded , and downloaded some pics and videos . I’ll give it 5 stars later when I’ve used it more . Or I’ll bring it down to 3 . I hope I raise it to 5 . That’ll men it’s working out good .


Great app

Very good

I like it

Overall good app

Please remove ads


The app shows you the pictures when you open it for a brief second I’m not about that



Excellent Photo Organizer

I use the ersatz calculator not only for private storage but also as a photo category organizer. In both these capacities, it is an exceptionally fine development. That it erases transferred files makes the process of the previous version (going back to eliminate files already in the calculator) unnecessary. I am very grateful for this convenience. Overall I rate this highly for ease of use, superior function and trustworthy storage.

Works, but calculator is quirky

Vault function works well & it’s free. Calculator leaves a little to be desired. For example, if you add 2+2=4, then hit + again, it adds another 2. Then if you hit + again, it waits for the next number entry. Same with the other math functions, so as a calculator, it fails. Also wish it just said calculator and not a HiCalculator under the icon - dead giveaway that something is special about the app.

Only 1 real problem

Great app but the name defeats the purpose(will rate better when name is changed)

Best Ever

This is the best secret photo app that I have ever downloaded. All of its features are fantastic and it is very easy to use. But the problem is the photos keep changing and are not fitted correctly to my iPad screen. I hope there is a way to fix that...

It’s okay

I just want it to hold my stuff but it makes me upgrade it and I don’t have money so yes that is a down.

Love it

Holds all my secret pictures! Love this app

Only 20

Not bad but only lets you hide 20 unless you buy it.

Deleted pics it didn’t import!

I added 50 pics to album and it prompts to delete from camera roll after import which I did. It only imported 40 pics and said this is limit of demo mode and then deleted the 50 from camera roll!!! Upgraded to pro for $3 to remove that limit and app just crashes if you try and import to many at once. Have to import just a few at a time. App is not the most responsive and lacks features. Not impressed.

Great product

Great product to keep things private from those who have no need to see. This product does everything that it is suppose to do in a very simple easy way. Keep the updates coming.


Now I can keep my secrets in my phone

Very discreet

Awesome app. Very discreet.

Pro for free

Great App!!!


It just works

Great great great


Great App, some suggestions

I think this app is really good. Below are some things I think need to improve: 1. There needs to be a way where albums can be created with BOTH videos and pictures. 2. There needs to be a way to rearrange photos within the album. 3. Minor suggestion, but any way we could save gifs? Otherwise, I really like this app. Well done.


Works well

Locked out

How do I get in if I forgot password

used to love it but its a trap !!

so i downloaded this app and its amazing especially that it has a cover as a calculator badge so no one would suspect anything or even notice but the problem is that you cant import more than 19 pics! and when i wanted to upgrade to the pro version an alert kept popping up saying (purchase failed) it never goes away and keeps popping even if you pressed ok for a thousand times

Nice app

This app is exactly what I was looking for. Has great storage.

Stop bugging me to rate

Wants me to rate it EVERY TIME I OPEN IT!! Which is annoying sooooo here’s your rating, goodbye.

My password

It’s not working and I can’t get back into the app...



Keeps asking to rate...

So so performance. When a developer keeps pestering for a rating pretty pathetic.

Annoying but good

Like I said above

So far so good

I just got this app so I’m still testing it. There are a couple of features I really like. First the fact that it allows you to delete any photos saved here automatically from wherever you downloaded them from. This way you don’t forget one or forget to permanently delete them from the file. I also like the decoy code then it takes a photo. I have put in a completely new code instead of one of my regular number codes. This way someone tries to open it I’ll know. This is good for naughty pics you don’t want others to see, gifts, or just about anything you want secret. It shows on my phone as HiCalcu or something like that but that could just be the name of the creator. If you put it in a folder they won’t even see that.


Awsome prog keep going


This is a really good app, but you have to put small amounts of pictures on at a time or it’ll get all screwy.

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