HiCalculator Hide Private Photo.s & Video.s - Password Lock Picture Album Vault & Keep Personal Privacy App Reviews

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Good app

Overall good

It has some weird bugs but other than that works as described

Cool app but...

Great app but it’s missing the iCloud sync and I did download the app on my iPad too but it act as another app not synced with my iPhone app. iCloud is very very essential to all app, plz upgrade soon even if we have to pay for it as an additional upgrade.

Great app

Does its job well

Great app, definitely recommend

This app keeps your chosen photos hidden and away from anyone else’s view. It can also be used as a normal calculator for someone who isn’t aware that it is where you keep your pictures.


Good app


App works great! Very user friendly!



Just a few thoughts

I would love to see this app with fingerprint entrance as well as the password option. Also it would be great to be able to store other apps that you’d like to keep secret.




It works but a lot of ads

Too many ads

The is JUST too make ads.

Does what it claims to do!

What more could you want?

Navigation difficult

Can’t get to settings screen. No settings button shows


It’s good


V goood

Lost My Photos

Within a day or two it started getting finicky and then would open up with nothing inside. I went to open the app today and now it won’t let me get in. I know the password for a fact and even had it written down in a secret place in case I forgot, it still doesn’t work. Now I’ve lost photos I’ll never get back.

On the right track but needs work...

Calculator that works? Great idea. Suspicious name? Not so much. Just say Calculator, it is one. Also it doesn’t seem to play “Live” pics and when u export back to your real photo album it reverts to just being a picture.

Good app

It’s good and the calculator actually works lol

Highly Limited

Constant Ads and interruptions on the free version. Cannot hide videos either. Doesn't confirm if data is safe when "deleting" from photos.


The app no longer matches the calculator appearance with the new update.

One at a time

You can only import one picture at a time. Slow. Most others allow batches

Help Recovering my password

I’ve tried several times to contact support & I'm unable to reach anyone.

Best Ever

This is the best secret photo app that I have ever downloaded. All of its features are fantastic and it is very easy to use. The only thing I wish for from this app is that you can rearrange the photos. But other than that this app is amazing! 11/10

Good app

Overall this is a good app. My first compliant is that when you click on the app, a person can see the pictures briefly. Also a name change would be good.


Wish there was an option to edit photos



Good app

Does what it shows. Good for hiding inappropriate pictures

Good app

Does what it says it does

Does what it claims, and it does it well.

It’s a very good tool to hide anything private that you might not want anyone else to see.

Good app

This app is good but for you to be able to continue to upload pictures you have to pay to upgrade. Take this away and this just might be the best app on the store.

Great app

Does everything I need it to do and more

Another thing:

Also app doesn’t retain file metadata.

Please make it easy to rename this app

I wish i could rename this app in the settings. Don't we all want this to be our calculator and delete the actual calculator???

Thumbs up


It’s Not Working

My password is not working. Where are all my pictures?!?!


Works great

Forgot pin

Good app but I forgot my pin. Is there any way to access my pics?



Keeps pictures private

Works wonderfully keeping those pictures private that are meant for my eyes only.


Crashes alot

Good app

Good app


Only rating so it will stop bugging me about it lol good app though



Realy good

I realy like this app

Great app

Perfect app for hiding photos, and is incredible if you’re low on storage. Only complaint is the amount of ads and that it’s costs $2.99 to remove them.

It good


Super easy

I have tried many picture vault apps in the past, and this one by far is the best one so far. Easy instructions to follow and set up is a breeze. And if you're looking at a picture simply hit a button and boom, you get back to the main screen. I feel very safe hiding on my personal pictures in this vault and a calculator works great. Highly recommend this app


10/10 does what you need it too if I had to complain being able to drag pictures around in a album to reorder them would be nice


Really enjoy this app

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